How Much Should Web Design Services Cost in 2020?

Just like last year, Vox Digital surveyed 30+ web design and digital marketing agencies in the Calgary area to find out the average cost for a quality site. We’ve created four tiers for the results: Startup / Small Business, Medium Sized Business, Enterprise Solutions, and E-Commerce website design. Here’s what we found! *These results are all in Canadian dollars.


Small Business / Startup

For a basic website and blog for a small business or startup, you can expect to pay anywhere between $2500 to $4000. This is a website that has 5-15 basic pages displaying information regarding your business. There generally aren’t any unique features built into these websites. This is a good starting point for a company with little online presence. Some people refer to these types of websites as “brochure sites.”

Web design prices for a small business


Medium-Sized Business

$5000 – $15,000
This is for commercial websites usually around 50 – 75 pages, it usually includes some unique functionality. This kind of budget generally comes from established businesses looking to gain an advantage on their competition. These websites usually have a large emphasis on search engine optimization and generating high quality leads for the business.


Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise and large business operations. These websites have thousands of pages that require ongoing maintenance. Projects in this range are usually completely custom built from the ground up. These sites need to account for security, scalability, and conversions depending on the type of business. Extremely custom web projects that get hundreds of millions of monthly visitors may have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just for server costs alone!


E-Commerce Websites

For an e-commerce website, the average price is around $5000 for a basic online storefront and inventory system. These sites are usually running something like WooCommerce. For more complex sales solutions the prices vary depending on the scale of the business. If you want a completely custom inventory system that ties into thousands of products that update daily, then you’ll be looking more into the “enterprise tier” we’ve laid out.

What do you think? Not from Calgary? What are the average prices for website design in your area? If you’re looking for web design & development services, you can contact us here (it’s free!), or check out our list of services.



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